We find that organisations have such disparate data that it’s not only time-intensive to report on past performance, but it’s almost impossible to inform strategic decisions that optimize cost, performance, and risk. And this situation will only worsen with the rise in data available through advances in condition monitoring and workforce management systems.

Data analytics and machine learning are bridging the gap between this increase in data and realising the full potential benefits data enables. But inadequate data literacy and the ability of organisations to quantify the benefits of data analytics is preventing this from happening.

Quarterbac helps asset-intensive organisations maximise value by enabling data-driven decisions throughout the strategic planning process.

We are both strategic asset management professionals with real-world experience, and technology enablers with deep skills in leveraging data across our clients’ organisations through processing, analytics, machine learning and ultimately presenting it in a suitable shape for executives via crafted visualisations.

Strategic Asset Management Planning Transformation

We partner with clients to facilitate a transformation of the strategic asset management planning process. We embed sector-specific processes into client-specific technology solutions, driving significant savings through data analytics and visualization.

This involves the establishment of an asset planning workbench where all cross-functional planning related data is brought together from disparate sources, and processes are established to facilitate data-driven decisions and advanced analytical analysis through a portfolio lens. The result is integration in strategic planning, asset planning and work program development process which provides assurance, maximises value and accounts for the deliverability constraints of the strategy and plan within a complex environment.

Asset Strategy Optimisation

We utilise existing client data to provide insights from data analytics techniques such as machine learning to enable modification of asset lifecycle activities and interventions based on factors influencing performance degradation or failure rates.

The return from these engagements is usually in the order of 800% depending on the nature and quantity of assets, which helps leadership quantify and articulate the value of data analytics to justify further capability uplift. 

Reporting Dashboards and Planning Portals

We build and embed analytical decision support systems and bespoke tooling that put the right information front and centre to help solve complex challenges and enable advanced decisions.

This can include:

  • Streamlining capital works bid submission and review processes
  • Designing and building refined capital works planning and reporting dashboards
  • Designing and building portfolio asset planning and scenario analysis portals
  • Enhancing corporate KPI dashboards and reporting structures.