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  • The WorkUp Software Suite is a comprehensive platform designed to revolutionize dynamic strategy and planning processes.
  • By leveraging advanced technology, WorkUp empowers organizations to optimize their asset management strategies, enhance decision-making, and streamline planning workflows.
  • With its robust features and integrated modules, WorkUp provides a holistic solution for efficient and effective planning across various industries.

The WorkUp Software Suite empowers organizations to achieve excellence in dynamic strategy and planning.

By leveraging advanced modelling, optimization, and integration capabilities, WorkUp enhances decision-making, streamlines workflows, optimizes resource allocation, and drives continuous improvement.

With WorkUp, organizations can achieve their strategic objectives while effectively managing assets and investment works.


Enhanced Decision-Making

WorkUp provides organizations with reliable data, advanced modelling capabilities, and real-time insights, enabling informed decision-making for optimal asset management strategies.

Streamlined Planning Workflows

By integrating modelling and planning processes, WorkUp simplifies and accelerates planning workflows, eliminating manual data transfers, and reducing administrative burden.

Improved Resource Allocation

WorkUp’s optimization features enable organizations to allocate resources efficiently, balancing workloads, managing risks, and optimizing funding allocations across different disciplines and asset classes.

Dynamic Planning and Scenario Management

With scenario planning and iterative processes, organizations can adapt plans to changing circumstances, assess multiple options, and optimize outcomes in real time.

Cost and Time Savings

WorkUp’s streamlined workflows, access optimization, and integration capabilities result in cost savings by minimizing outages, reducing project duration, and optimizing resource utilization.

Continuous Improvement

WorkUp facilitates continuous improvement by providing feedback loops, enabling organizations to refine strategies, iterate planning processes, and identify further optimization opportunities.


Strategy Profiles

WorkUp  enables the storage and management of comprehensive strategy profiles. By centralizing this  information, organizations can baseline the maturity of their strategies and identify areas for improvement or the need for better data. WorkUp ensures the quality and reliability of decision-making by tracking changes and assessing the impact on overall outcomes.

Modelling and Optimisation

The  WorkUp Software Suite incorporates powerful Phantom modelling engine that facilitate modelling and optimization processes. By integrating modelling capabilities, organizations can achieve high-quality forecasts, simulate complex scenarios, and optimize resource allocation for optimal results.

Seamless Integration

WorkUp  seamlessly integrates modelling and planning components, providing a unified platform for end-to-end planning processes. Model outputs, such as forecasts and analysis, are instantly available within the planning platform, eliminating the need for manual data transfer or separate modelling processes. This integration enhances efficiency, enables real-time decision- making, and facilitates dynamic planning.

Scenario Planning

WorkUp  embraces scenario planning as a core principle, allowing organizations to create and manage planning scenarios for different time frames, regions, or disciplines. The  iterative planning process enables continuous refinement, assessment of outcomes, and portfolio balancing. With WorkUp, organizations can optimize funding allocations, manage risks, and achieve long-term strategic objectives.

Access Optimisation

WorkUp  includes a refined access feature that assesses access requirements for project delivery. By analysing forecasted work and demand profiles, organizations can optimize access schedules, reducing the number of outages or possessions needed. This optimization minimizes costs, enhances customer experience, and improves overall project efficiency.

Decision Enablement

WorkUp generates comprehensive outputs that inform decision-making. These outputs include corridor-based plans, network-level strategies, funding profiles, condition forecasts, and works programs. The outputs serve as essential artifacts for communicating and implementing optimised plans and ensuring alignment with organizational objectives.


Key Features